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The DYNA 4000 Super Pro high performance electronic ignition system represents a new level of sophistication in high energy ignition technology. Specifically designed to meet the needs of the serious racer, the DYNA 4000 Super Pro significantly increases spark energy and also includes built in launch and over rev rpm limiters. The DYNA 4000 Super Pro uses advanced microprocessor technology to provide extremely accurate control over the entire ignition process. This allows the DYNA 4000 Super Pro to maximize spark energy and control rev limiting with far greater precision than has previously been available.

Dyna 4000 Super Pro Features:

bullet High energy drag race ignition
bulletBuilt in two stage rev limiter
bulletSmoothest launch rev limiter available
bulletBuilt in timing LED
bulletShift kill input
bulletTach output
bulletDual output model for single plug heads
bulletQuad output model for dual plug heads
bulletRuns in single fire or dual fire
bulletUses dual sensor Dyna trigger for individual cylinder timing

Dyna 4000 Remote Display Features:

bullet NEW 4000 SP accessory
bulletHandle bar mount digital display
bulletAllows starting line adjustment of rev limit settings
bulletReal time RPM display allows testing of all rpm based accessories
bulletTest mode allows ignition and accessory test with engine off
bulletClutch switch status indicator
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