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Dyna Shift Counter
(Click Here for larger view)   Part # DYNA-DSC-1

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The Dyna Shift Counter is the missing link of the chain of systems on a drag bike. The Shift Counter provides the proper interaction between the air shifter system, the ignition system, the transmission, and other systems
Shift Counter Features:
bulletProgrammable electronic shift kill (replaces failure prone, not easily adjustable, mechanical air kill switches)
bulletShift kill can be set at 60, 70, 80 or 90 milliseconds
bulletCan automatically control semi-automatic transmission kill sequences
bulletGear selector outputs allow you to control other devices according to current gear selection. You can activate multi-stage nitrous systems, waste gates, fuel systems, timing control, or anything else according to transmission gear.
bulletPlugs right into the Dyna 4000 Pro ignition kill input (and can be used with other ignitions
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