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DYNA Ignition System Coil Requirements:

DYNA 2000 Harley Ignitions:

Recommended - DC6-1 for dual fire, DC3-1, DC6-2, DC6-3, DC6-4 for single fire. The DYNA 2000 ignition for Harleys can be used with any coil with primary resistance of 2.5 to 3.0 ohms.

DYNA 4000 Pro Ignition:

Must use DC9-1 or DC9-2. The DYNA 4000 ignition system is designed for racing only and is matched to the characteristics of the DC9-1 coil for optimum energy production.
DYNA S Harley Ignition:
Recommended - DC7-1, DC8-1, DC10-1, DC3-1, DC6-1. Use coil with 5.0 ohms primary resistance for street use, 3.0 ohms primary resistance for racing applications.
Single Plug Head:

Single Fire - Use two single output coils, street or strip.
Dual Fire - Use one dual output coil, street or strip.

Dual Plug Head:

Single Fire - Use two dual output coils, street only.
Dual Fire - Use two dual output coils, street or strip.
Dual Plug Head, single fire racing applications:
Use two DC2-1, 1.5 ohm coils, connected in series for each cylinder. Since these coils are dual tower, one tower of each coil must be shorted to chassis ground.
DYNA S (non-Harley):
Recommended - DC1-1. Use coil with 3.0 ohms primary resistance.
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